Multi Body Dynamics (MBD)

Multi body dynamics (MBD) involves the simulation of mechanical systems as either kinematic or dynamic analyses to calculate mechanism motion, as well as forces within the mechanism. These forces can then be fed into a finite element analysis as accurate input loading.

Kinematic analysis can be performed on mechanisms involving slow moving parts where mass and inertia effects are negligable and is generally used to ensure the desired motion is achieved or to create clearance envelopes to package other components around.

Dynamic analysis takes mass and inertia effects into account and can be used for high speed systems or those with damping effects, such as an automotive suspension system.

We also use our MBD capability to simulate full vehicle handling maneuvers and assess the performance of large truck combinations to ensure they meet the required performance targets.

Multi Body Dynamics Examples

- Front Suspension Simulation

- Seat Adjustment Simulation

Motorcycle Suspension Stress Analysis

- Vehicle Handling Simulation