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What We Do

We save our clients time and money by testing, validating and optimizing their designs using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). The results? Lighter. Stronger. Better.

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Why Work With Us?

Because with us, it\'s relationships first, technical details second. We\'re the approachable experts... we explain the jargon and give you clear, practical results. Simple.

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Who We Help

We are passionate about providing quality engineering services to small and medium sized businesses who can\'t justify the cost of in-house engineering capabilities.

Examples Of Our Work


Based in Melbourne Australia, Bremar Automotion is an engineering design company committed to providing innovative engineering solutions through simulation.

With many years of engineering experience with Australia’s major OE Automotive manufacturers and a range of other industries, Bremar Automotion is able to bring the methods and technologies of the major manufacturers to your next engineering project.


Latest Projects

  • 3D Subaru Engine and Transmission Scan
  • Forensic Crash and Failure Analysis
  • 4 Bar Rear Suspension
  • Falling Concrete Impact
  • Excavator Arm Extension FEA
  • Security Barrier Crash Analysis
  • Crusher Stand Vibration Analysis
  • Vehicle Handling Simulation

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