Jet Black Landspeed Record Launch

Last week saw the launch of the Jet Black world landspeed record campaign at The Cloud in Auckland. The New Zealand led team is aiming to eclipse the current land speed record of 763mph, with an estimated top speed well in excess of 1000mph. This is obviously no easy task, and the challenges involved in such a feat are enormous, but with a combination of the latest design, engineering and manufacturing technology, along with an experienced, dedicated and passionate team from all across the globe, there’s a quiet confidence that the records are set to fall.

JB Desert2 modified2

Bremar is proud to have been involved in the Jet Black project for the past year or so, providing a range of CAE analysis tasks, including early conceptual work on the ROPS (roll over protection system) along with suspension and vehicle dynamics simulations.

To find out all about the car, the team and the challenge of breaking a world landspeed record, head across to the Jet Black website at and show the guys your support!

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