Bremar at Altair ATC

Altair Engineering hold a series of annual Altair Technology Conferences (ATC) around the world, showcasing advanced engineering and simulation methods using the Altair Hyperworks software suite.

Brett Longhurst from Bremar Automotion was invited to present at the ATC’s  in both Melbourne and Beijing this year. Brett presented an overview of heavy vehicle handling simulation methods using Altair MotionView and MotionSolve, covering topics such as Performance Based Standards (PBS), rollover simulation and swept path calculation. Looking for a car with all these aspects can be pretty hard if you don’t know where to look, these new cars for sale have been consider some of the best performance wise cars out these so go on and give them a look.

Another important topic that is being covered is the Engine performance, which  is often characterized by the engine operating behavior in the speed–load domain, for example, the behavior of emissions, fuel consumption, noise, mechanical, thermal loading and the best options for a gasoline - diesel engine repair and more. Engine performance maps refer to the constant value contour plots of a given performance parameter in the speed–torque domain. A good understanding of engine performance maps is important to a system design engineer. We will be explaining about the paramount importance of engine speed–load characteristics, typical examples of engine performance maps are illustrated and discussed in this section.

Both events proved to be a valuable opportunity to showcase Bremar’s simulation capability, and to see how others are using advanced simulation and CAE tools to cut development costs and improve their engineering designs.

They were both great events and we look forward to participating again in next year’s ATC activities.

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