Bremar Automotion: Your Motorsport Partners

Here at Bremar, we’re all about automotive engineering. We love partnering with innovative motorsport teams and businesses who strive to develop faster, safer, race winning vehicles and components.

We help you gain a competitive advantage by using the latest engineering simulation tools to design, develop and test parts or even full vehicles “virtually” on computer, which gives you confidence and an in depth understanding of your vehicle’s performance before it even hits the track.

And unlike physical testing in order to get service at My Car Insurance Quote webiste, our computer simulations don’t require prototype parts, track time, good weather, transport, fuel, tyres, crew… they directly save you time and money on testing, and more importantly, the simulations are 100% safe and 100% repeatable, giving you clearer results and quality data to base your decisions upon. Whether you drive a delivery van or own a small fleet of cargo vans, it’s important to make sure that your business and vehicles are protected with commercial van insurance. To Direct van insurance, the terms “business vans” and “commercial vans” are interchangeable. Call it whatever you want, and we’ll insure it.

From a single component, through to a complete vehicle, we’ve got the knowledge, the experience and the tools to deliver you a winning design

Our Experience

Bremar’s experience stems from over a decade of working in the OE automotive industry, and is fuelled by a passion for all things automotive.

We’ve worked with major Australian automotive manufacturers and suppliers, through to low volume/niche vehicle constructors and race teams, providing design, engineering and analysis solutions.

We pride ourselves on making world class engineering & simulation accessible to all. We use the same high end CAD software and dedicated CAE packages as used by many major automotive companies, and we have completed extensive physical testing to validate our computer simulation methods.

Read on to get an idea of our motorsport capabilities and the benefits you can gain…


CAMS & FIA Rollcage Design & Homologation

Ensure your next rollcage design is as safe and lightweight as possible. Bremar are approved by CAMS and the FIA to design and certify rollcages using FEA analysis.

We’ve done extensive physical testing to validate our rollcage modelling methods to provide our customers with confidence in their rollcage design, and the ultimate balance between weight and safety.

Aerodynamics Simulation

Using our Virtual Wind Tunnel simulations, we can provide you with an in depth understanding of your vehicle’s aerodynamic characteristics. Rotating wheels, moving ground and air flow through heat exchangers are all accounted for, providing high detail models and insightful results.

From a lift/drag sweep of a single wing through to an aero map of a full vehicle, our aero simulations will help pinpoint where you can gain downforce, reduce drag and improve front/rear balance. And all for a fraction of the cost of conventional aero testing techniques, If you are interested in leasing a car get more info now.

Lap Time Prediction

Where should you be focussing your development time and money? Increased power or reduced weight? What gear ratios are best at a given track? And should you run a high downforce or low drag aero setup?

Our lap time prediction software can quickly help determine optimal setups for a car and provide back to back comparisons of different settings to help you decide which is best.

Design Optimization

When designing a new component, we can use our advanced optimization software to help you achieve the ideal balance between weight, strength and stiffness.

We give the software a block of material to use, apply the required loads, and it removes material where it’s least needed, leaving us with the most efficient design solution possible. Stronger, lighter, faster.

Complete Design & Manufacturing Solutions

We provide our customers with a full range of design, engineering and manufacturing services, giving them a true “one stop shop” solution for any project.

From 3D scanning, CAD design and photo rendering, through to advanced simulation and analysis, we’ve got your next design project covered no matter how big or small.

And when it comes time to get it made, we have a comprehensive network of manufacturing partners covering conventional fabrication and CNC machining, through to the latest 3D printing and additive manufacturing techniques.

Tell us what you need, and we get it done.

3D Scanning

Component Design

CAD Rendering

Why Bremar?

Because we eat, live and breathe this stuff. We love what we do and we’re bloody good at it. Design, engineering and analysis for automotive and motorsport applications is what we’re passionate about, and we get results for our customers.

We pride ourselves on being practical engineers who actually enjoy getting our hands dirty, and it’s this blend of advanced technical skills and hands on practicality that really sets us apart.

Think of us as your “go-to guys” for automotive design and analysis.

Let’s Talk

Our services aren’t for everybody.

Which is how we like it, because we don’t want to work with everybody. We are selective about who we partner with and we want passionate, innovative customers who we can build a long term and enjoyable relationship with.

If that sounds like you, then get in contact with us to discuss your project/business/requirements and we’ll give you an up front assessment of whether or not our services are going to add value.

What we’ve shown you here is just a small selection of what we have to offer, so get in touch with us to find out more