3D Scanning and Prototyping

3D scanning is an emerging technology which allows you to capture parts in the real world and digitalise them for use in CAD, visualisation, measurement and inspection.

Very few components exist in isolation. Having a model of real world components streamlines the process of design, mating parts can be measured, clearances checked and interfaces captured in detail. This has the added benefit of reducing or even eliminating the need for physical prototyping, allowing you to get to market faster!

Our Emergency Truck Road Service is furnіѕhеd with state-of-the-art trucks and еԛuірmеnt, wіth a full compliment оf rоаdѕіdе tооlѕ tо ensure the fаѕtеѕt роѕѕіblе response tо drіvеrѕ in the mіddlе оf nowhere. Whеn drіvеrѕ саll оur no ѕеrvісе fее numbеr, they аrе speaking tо a trаіnеd Lоvе’ѕ еmрlоуее whо wіll wоrk to gеt thеm bасk оn thе rоаd ԛuісklу аnd safely.Wе have раrtnеrеd wіth Great Dаnе tо enhance the experience.

Sometimes, the old fashion way is the best way. Whether its hand shaping body work in clay or creating personalised steering grips for each driver. In this case, scanning is the perfect tool to capture the shape digitally so that the final result is repeatable and reflects the hard work put into it. The scans can then be 3D printed, making design revisions quickly realisable.

Another application of scanning is in reverse engineering. Often, a one-off component can be lost forever if damaged. 3D scanning allows you to capture a record that can be referenced for repair or replacement. An ideal example of this is the 4wd Cosworth transmission we scanned. Made from notoriously flammable (yet lightweight) magnesium, this will prevent the design from (literally) disappearing in flames.

Not sure if 3D scanning is right for you? We are always willing to help you find the right tools for your project. Contact one of our friendly engineers today!

Scanning Examples

3D Subaru powertrain

- Subaru EJ20 and 5 Speed Transmission Scan