3D Subaru Engine and Transmission

Bremar is proud to now offer a 3D CAD model of a semi truck sales engine complete with 5 speed transmission, the perfect accompaniment to our sleek 2WD conversion kit.

The hydraulic hoses were developed purely in house, we think it’s great for anyone serious about their build. It also imbues a level of reality to any CAD design, making it look great and highlighting potential packaging problems before the angle grinder comes out.

Using the same process we use to engineer chassis and roll cage designs, the powertrain was first 3D scanned using Artec scanners. Artec uses structured light scanning technology to take thousands of images and stitch them together into a “point cloud” image of the engine.

The raw data points from the scan are then crunched by our computers. Through a series of processes, the individual frames are compared to each and every other frame, aligning key features. The scans are then cleaned before final fusion!

The end result? Accuracy up to 0.1mm and the peace of mind that your engine will fit that chassis like a glove.

You can also purchase alongside our 2WD conversion kit here.

3D Subaru powertrainSubaru powertrain CAD3D Subaru engine side veiw

*Please note the file we provide is in STL format. This is ideal for importing into CAD software, 3D printing and most 3D viewers. It is NOT a ‘true surface’ as a modeled CAD component is and hence cannot be used to machine components from or create 2D drawings. Additionally, we only provide the exterior surface of the engine and transmission, there are no internal features to the model.