Drill Rig Stress Analysis

Our client, R.K. Findlay Consulting Engineers, had a customer whose drill rigs were showing signs of cracking around the main base pivot. Rather than perform basic stress calculations in house, R.K. Findlay engaged us to perform an FEA analysis on the rig, due to the complexity of the structure and loadings.

We worked with R.K. Findlay to review a number of loadcases covering various conditions from transport and installation, through to drilling torque and drill bit pull out loads. Our analysis showed up hot spots exactly where the issues were occurring and we proposed various changes to the rig to significantly reduce stresses in the problem area.

This job was a real win win for all involved – by using our FEA capabilities rather than doing basic stress calculations in house, R.K. Findlay had a much clearer picture of the issues that were occurring and why. They were able to provide a comprehensive visual report and a proven solution to their customer, with minimal effort on their behalf. And their customer was able to make changes to the design with the confidence that they were going to have the desired effect.

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