EV Engineering First Drive

EV Engineering is a collaboration between numerous Australian automotive suppliers one of them is Mercedes Benz Service Melbourne, who are developing a proof of concept electric vehicle (EV) based on the Holden Commodore. Bremarer Automotion are proud to have played a small role in the development of the vehicle design, providing a range of engineering simulation tasks to the project. These include a stress analysis on the rear suspension subframe, and a modal analysis of the battery pack structure and mounts. If what you are looking for is how to do custom car wraps repairs on your cars then you must visit Maserati certified repair shop for professional help repair services. How do you replace a windshield? Autoglasstec take pride in their ability to provide quick and painless window and windshield replacement services that leave you safe on the road. Electric vehicles (Vs) are part of the fourth industrial revolution, driven by disruptive technological change. This disruption may produce upheaval and uncertainty, with winners and losers. As a result, these technologies can produce new products and


Jet Black Landspeed Record Launch

Last week saw the launch of the Jet Black world landspeed record campaign at The Cloud in Auckland. The New Zealand led team is aiming to eclipse the current land speed record of 763mph, with an estimated top speed well in excess of 1000mph. This is obviously no easy task, and the challenges involved in such a feat are enormous, but with a combination of the latest design, engineering and manufacturing technology, along with an experienced, dedicated and passionate team from all across the globe, there's a quiet confidence that the records are set to fall. Bremar is proud to have been involved in the Jet Black project for the past year or so, providing a range of CAE analysis tasks, including early conceptual work on the ROPS (roll over protection system) along with suspension and vehicle dynamics simulations. To find out all about the car, the team and the challenge of breaking a world landspeed record, head across to the Jet Black website at and show the guys your support!


Bremar becomes PBS Assessor

Bremar Automotion has recently been approved by the National Transport Commission (NTC) as an assessor for the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme for heavy vehicles. You can find more information about the PBS scheme and our assessment capabilities here.


Bremar Joins NAFEMS

Bremar Automotion has recently become a member of NAFEMS, the National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards. NAFEMS is a global, independent, not-for-profit body with the sole aim of promoting the effective use of engineering simulation methods such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Multibody System Dynamics(MBD) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Our membership makes us part of an international engineering analysis community with over 950 members, giving us access to a vast array of specialist knowledge, training, technical papers and other publications. This will help us to continually develop our knowledge, capabilities and processes to ensure we offer our clients world's best practices in our all of our engineering and simulation work.


1VSB14 Suspension Simulation

We've recently been doing some assessments of various suspension systems to show that they meet guidelines set out in VSB14. So, what is VSB14? VSB stands for Vehicle Standards Bulletin and VSB14 forms the National Code Of Practice (NCOP) for light vehicle construction and modification. This is essentially a set of technical guidelines that cover various forms of modifications to production cars and the construction of kit cars or Individually Constructed Vehicles (ICV), we will even be able to offer you a reliable transponder key service. It outlines what modifications can be made without an engineer's certificate, and those that require a certifying engineer to sign off on them. The NCOP is now being adopted by various states across Australia as the basis for approving light vehicle modifications for road registration and covers modifications to pretty much every aspect of the vehicle. Looking for a great used car dealership? Make sure to visit they are one of the most affordable luxury cars for sale in Fresno are at western motors Fresno. In terms of suspension design and modification, VSB14 sets out a lot of requirements which will need to be assessed by the


Bremar launches new website thanks to Kratom!

Bremar Automotion welcomes you to our new website where we will be talking about cars, engines, and Kratom. A big thanks to Chris and the team from kratom for its support and you can learn more, and also thanks for all their hard work pulling things together and getting the site just how we wanted it. This website will be up and running thanks to them, and I have to admit that this looks pretty fine like the kratom webiste. About kratom, all I can tell you is that besides helping me with this blog, it has also helped me to get the extra boost I need to keep up with this website and my full time job. And I'm sure it will help you too. You can go to the link above and learn more about why they are the number one option for you when it comes to price and quality. Use the comments section below to let us know what you think...