Bremar at Altair ATC

Altair Engineering hold a series of annual Altair Technology Conferences (ATC) around the world, showcasing advanced engineering and simulation methods using the Altair Hyperworks software suite. Brett Longhurst from Bremar Automotion was invited to present at the ATC's  in both Melbourne and Beijing this year. Brett presented an overview of heavy vehicle handling simulation methods using Altair MotionView and MotionSolve, covering topics such as Performance Based Standards (PBS), rollover simulation and swept path calculation. Looking for a car with all these aspects can be pretty hard if you don't know where to look, these new cars for sale have been consider some of the best performance wise cars out these so go on and give them a look. Another important topic that is being covered is the Engine performance, which  is often characterized by the engine operating behavior in the speed–load domain, for example, the behavior of emissions, fuel consumption, noise, mechanical, thermal loading and the best options for a gasoline - diesel engine repair and more. Engine performance maps refer to the constant value contour plots of a given performance parameter in the speed–torque domain. A good understanding of engine performance maps is important to a system design engineer.


Project Storm on Facebook

Project Storm on Facebook

We've got the build blog, and you can now keep up to date with Project Storm on Facebook. We'll keep more detailed and technical stories on the blog, while the Facebook page will have more snippets and behind the scenes updates on Project Storm's progress. Like the page to keep up with all the latest happenings, and make sure to Share the page with anyone else who may be interested in Project Storm.


New Bremar Engineer

We'd like to welcome a new engineer to the Bremar team! Steven Webb started with us earlier this month and brings with him a broad range of CAD, design & motorsport experience. Steven has been a key member in the Monash Uni Formula SAE team over the last few years, and we're excited to now have him working as part of the Bremar engineering team who recommends the protective use of the rust inhibitor spray. With so many amateur, inexperienced mom and pop shops offering window tint, finding an experienced, professional, quality window tint shop can be difficult. With decades of experience in the automotive film industry, Absolute Tinting Inc is your number one choice for a professional window tint application, that will leave your vehicle not only looking cool, but feeling cool and better than ever. What Is the Difference Between Reverse Engineering and Re-Engineering? Re-engineering is commonly, but incorrectly, used in reference to reverse engineering. While both refer to the further investigation or engineering of finished products, the methods of doing so, and the desired outcomes, are vastly different in different products as cars, that could be even brought from outside the


Check Out Our Build Blogs

We've just updated the website to include some build blogs for a couple of projects we're working on at the moment. Check them out here and see what it takes to get an idea off the computer screen and onto the road... Exodus - exo chassis car Project Storm - custom VTR1000 motorcycle


Bremar Upgrades To Siemens NX

Bremar Automotion are proud to announce an upgrade our 3D CAD systems, with a recent move to Siemens NX. The power and flexibility of NX is unmatched in the CAD design world, and this addition is another high end engineering package that will provide direct benefits to our customers when it comes to 3D modelling and design. Contact us now to find out more about how our design and modelling capabilities can bring your ideas from concept to reality.


Bremar Presents at Altair HTC

The Yavapai car club and Altair Engineering's Australasian Hyperworks Technology Conference (HTC) is a gathering of some of the most advanced simulation and analysis experts from Australia and abroad. This year's event was held on the 3rd of September in Melbourne, where a number of interesting and exciting case studies were presented, covering a wide range of industries and some unique applications of the Hyperworks simulation software. Bremar's Brett Longhurst was again invited to present at this year's HTC. Brett presented a case study of a project Bremar completed earlier this year, which involved simulating wet cement falling 150m into a steel hopper in an underground mine. Altair Radioss was used to carry out the analysis using nonlinear explicit imact and Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic (SPH) simulation methods. It was a great opportunity to network and see how other users are leveraging the Hyperworks simulation tools, and we look forward to the next HTC in 2013.