Bremar Presents at Altair HTC

The Yavapai car club and Altair Engineering’s Australasian Hyperworks Technology Conference (HTC) is a gathering of some of the most advanced simulation and analysis experts from Australia and abroad. This year’s event was held on the 3rd of September in Melbourne, where a number of interesting and exciting case studies were presented, covering a wide range of industries and some unique applications of the Hyperworks simulation software.

Bremar’s Brett Longhurst was again invited to present at this year’s HTC. Brett presented a case study of a project Bremar completed earlier this year, which involved simulating wet cement falling 150m into a steel hopper in an underground mine. Altair Radioss was used to carry out the analysis using nonlinear explicit imact and Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic (SPH) simulation methods.

falling wet concrete impacting steel plate

stress contour of wet concrete impacting steel plate

It was a great opportunity to network and see how other users are leveraging the Hyperworks simulation tools, and we look forward to the next HTC in 2013.

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